About Us

Started in 1970 by William "Bill" Rae, Bill's Tire Service began as a 1 operation in a 1 bay garage with 1 service truck in the Pine Point Section of Springfield, MA. With his wife, Joanne answering the phones, business began to flourish in the mid 1970's after becoming a Contractor for the United States Postal Service at the Bulk Mail Center on Page Blvd, Spfld, he was joined by his brother-in-law Larry.  During the late 70s and early 80s trailer service was in demand so Bill added trailer repair work to his 24 hour a day 7 day a week service list.  In 1982 the business was in need of more space to house a growing business and moved to Indian Orchard, MA.  In 1988, Bill's son Dan joined the business full time and slowly learned Dad's trade.


In 1995, Bill's crew relocated once more to Center St., Ludlow, MA the site of the former Miller's Dairy.  With much more exposure being on a main drag, business continued to move forward.  In 1998, after an accident put Bill on the side lines Dan stepped up to handle more of the daily operations in his Dad's absence, leading to Dan taking over Bill's Tire and Trailer Service. The Team stayed on Center Street until they sold the property to a hotel and fast food chain in 2002. 


Now at 730 Randall Rd, Ludlow,  Dan, with the partnership of his sister Darlene, still provides their customers the excellent service their Father built the business on. Staying in touch with the family owned and operated theme, Mike, a long time family friend was hired in 2004. Andy, Dan's step brother joined the team in 2006, A long time family friend Milton joined the crew in Spring 2009 along with his son Sean and brother John.  


Currently Bill's Tire and Trailer Service has 6 tire service trucks and 4 trailer service vans in the fleet and offer more than 80 years of experience with our 8 fast and courteous service technicians in the tire and trailer repair service industry.